CCMS Parent Involvement Policy

Cesar Chavez Middle School

2017-18 Parent Involvement Policy



Cesar Chavez MS provides a Parent Involvement Policy as a part of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.


Cesar Chavez MS will

- Meet with parents and community in developing an effective educational environment for students and provide parents the opportunity to be involved in the plan, review and implementation of the parent involvement policy.

- Offer a flexible schedule for meetings to allow parental attendance.

- Establish opportunities for parents to be active in the decision making plan for continued improvement of the school.

- Work to build positive ties between home and school in a combined effort to advance academic success for all students.


Cesar Chavez MS will

- Provide informative meetings to report the academic performance of students.

- Summarize the expectations for student mastery in TEKS and STAAR.

- Review the programs and services provided for students.

- Provide opportunities for parents to be active in the educational plan of the students.

- Conduct sessions to assist parent with improving student achievement.


Cesar Chavez MS will

- Ensure parents receive information that is sent on a regular basis in a timely manner and provide information to strengthen school-home relationships.

- Provide the parents with information on the academic progress of students.

- Allow the parents the opportunity to be a part of the campus decision-making and education process of their child.


Parental Involvement Policy

Cesar Chavez MS parents, staff, and administration will jointly work on improving the academic quality of the school served under Title I, Part A; including identifying greater participation by parents in activities endorsed by this section (with consideration to parents who are economically disadvantaged, disabled, have limited English proficiency and literacy, or are of any racial or ethnic minority), and propose strategies for more effective parental involvement.


Cesar Chavez MS School will involve parents in the activities of Title 1, Part A schools.  Timely communication and an inviting family-friendly atmosphere will enhance parent involvement in the activities of the Title 1, Part A.  Parents will receive information in a language they can understand that will detail the activities of the school and will be asked to participate.

We will use communication strategies such as personal contact, newsletters, notes sent home with the students, and email to invite parents to participate in the school’s activities.  Childcare and language interpreters will be provided to enable parent attendance for campus visits when necessary.     Parents and community members are always welcome on our campus.  By working together and making suggestions to improve our school, we can prepare all students to become successful learners.