Baylor PDS
  • Baylor School of Education Teaching Associates: students in Junior year , spend 2 periods in a classroom teaching & learning; 6 Middle school certification; 3 Secondary school certifications
  • Baylor School of Education Interns: education majors in Senior year, student teaching full time for the entire school year; 1 in 8th grade math
  • Baylor education majors 1st field experience in teaching: tutoring on Tuesday & Thursday mornings; over 60 Baylor Education students; over 160 Tutors are paired with 2 CCMS students
  • Sophomore Education majors: Tutor Tuesdays & Thursdays; 8 students working with 6th grade class; Project based activities
  • Elementary certification students experiencing the middle school world: two groups of 40 Elementary Certification students
  • Leadership, Living, and Learning Center Student volunteers: 100 volunteers each provide 10-20 hours of tutoring for the semester 
  • Spanish for Community Service: 10 volunteers working with the ESL teacher and ESL students