2017-2018 Student Council


We are the

CCMS Student Council


instagram username: ccmsstudentcouncil
instagram password: 17Wacoisd!

What does the CCMS Student Council do?
 - Listen to students, parents, and community members in order to solve problems
 - Represent the needs and interests of students to our school leaders, like principals and teachers
 - Organize events, like dances, fundraisers, and awareness campaigns

What is the CCMS Student Council working on right now?
 - Students are creating flyers, posters, and campaign commercials in order to run for office
 - Students are collaborating with AVID on a Hurricane Harvey donation drive

How can I join Student Council?
 - See Mrs. Cubbage in W209 for a Student Council form
 - Attend meetings on Tuesdays from 4:15 to 5:00
 - Follow our Student Council Instagram: @ccmsstudentcouncil

Sponsor: Mrs Samantha Cubbage